• Brews & Blues at The Ridge

    Posted by Tyler Daniels

    We had another great day at the Brews & Blues beer festival at The Ridge in Lake Geneva, WI. Good beer and live music from Al Wetzel and his band make up rot missing being outside on the a beautiful Spring day in Wisconsin.

    There are actually two of these events a year, and the Spring event draws a slightly smaller crowd, but the amount of beer is the same. The organizers are good to us and give us a spot right next the band. It's right in the middle of the action, and we get to watch people get drunker and drunker the closer we get to 5pm.

    We meet a lot of people in pretty good size crews. Ladies weekends, beer buddies, local beer nuts, groups coming up from Chicago. After this, most of the people we met are staying at a local time, and I'm sure will keep the party going.

    If you are a beer lover and looking for an excuse to come up for a weekend in Fall or Spring, keep an eye out for Brews & Blues, and hopefully we'll see you on the dance floor! 


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